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Nuclear weapons pose an existential threat to the survival of humanity. Together, we can insist on diplomacy and disarmament — not more militarism.

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Defuse Nuclear War is a coalition of more than 200 organizations and organizers dedicated to reducing the risk of nuclear war.

Since June 2022, the coalition has organized more than 150 in-person actions across the United States  and numerous online events with hundreds of attendees. Notable events include commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 2022, advocating for diplomacy in Ukraine in February 2023, promoting Daniel Ellsberg Week in April 2023, and leading a week of action in September, 2023.

Our coalition emphasizes diplomacy, disarmament, and the reinstatement of key treaties.  Our next week of action is scheduled for January 8-14, 2024. Defuse Nuclear War encourages individuals to join organizations in our coalition in resisting the existential threat posed by nuclear weapons. 

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A Common Insanity

A Conversation with Daniel Ellsberg about Nuclear Weapons

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Right now is the closest the world has been to a nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis, over sixty years ago.

Very few members of the House and Senate have risen to the occasion by speaking out and working for measures to de-escalate tensions between nuclear powers. Nor have many of them devoted serious effort to reviving negotiations for nuclear-weapons treaties and disarmament measures. 


That’s why it’s so important that people across the country demand that their elected leaders take a stand and work to reduce the risk of nuclear war. 

Help build a movement to prevent nuclear war