A Conversation with Daniel Ellsberg About Nuclear Weapons

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Directed by Oscar-nominee Judith Ehrlich, this new film – now premiering as a free documentary – illuminates the dangers of nuclear weapons as well as the political and economic forces that drive their existence. Powerful and concise in little more than half an hour, A Common Insanity provides never-before-seen footage of Daniel Ellsberg explaining what he learned as a nuclear war planner for the U.S. military, and as an independent researcher during the five decades after he revealed the Pentagon Papers. Click here to learn more about what is most likely to trigger a nuclear war and what will be necessary to prevent it.


Director — Judith Ehrlich

Co-Director / Editor — Ryan Black

Executive Producer — T.M. Scruggs

Advisor — Norman Solomon

Animation — La Finka Productions

Director of Photography — Vicente Franco

Sound Recordist — Ray Day


Produced in partnership with the RootsAction Education Fund

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